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Sep 21, 2011

A Plethora Kindness

A few weeks ago, at the Fine Crafts Fair in Garrison, I was approached by a very kind lady and her friend. We chatted for a bit, and she came to ask me what kind of yarn I used for my dolls. I told her acrylic, but also that I was hoping to switch to wool once my stash ran out. She then proceeded to offer me rug yarn from her overwhelming stash. The only catch was I had to come pick it up in Englewood, NJ (about 1.5 hours from my house).

Ummmm. Yes.

Look at all this amazing wool yarn. Seeing that it's rug yarn, it's perfect for making crocheted sculpture dolls. The wool is thick and gritty, and I am so utterly amazed at the kindness from this lady. She had three times this easily stashed neatly in giant tupperware containers. Plus her house was just amazing and she answered the door wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt and those super magnifying lens glasses.  Pretty cool.

Hubs and Dr. Destructo accompanied me on the epic drive to NJ. I say epic, because even with the GPS, I managed to miss the 2 exits that would make take us to Louise's house quickly. In fact, I almost killed us (see the theme?) when I made a U turn just when Hubs said to... instead of waiting for the proper place to do it. I had never been there before, so technically I suck at "in the moment driving". As oncoming traffic got closer and closer, I jumped the curb and almost smashed into a telephone pole. Well... I knew exactly what I was doing and wasn't going to hit the pole. Hubs may have pooped his pants a little out of fear though. (Just kidding, but I'm sure he did think about it.) We made it there safely and now have an awesome driving adventure story to share with others.

I left her with this guy as a thank you. I know it's nowhere near the generosity of her gift, but I tried.

 By the way, Hubs is awesome.

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  1. What an awesome story!!!
    And what a lovely act of kindness

  2. My hubby should talk to your hubs. Jer says I can't go ANY where without turning around at least once. Funny part is, I'm the one that has to navigate for him --- even going to HIS families homes!!!!

    Loved the story.
    Drooling over your new yarn.
    God bless you and your!
    Jackie aka GmaJackie

  3. Wasn't this just the nicest? Now if I could just learn to drive without the adventure part... perfect. Gonna start working with this yarn today. Have some color fun ideas!


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