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Oct 10, 2011

Apples and Hot Air Balloons

We went apple picking. I didn't get a stitch of crochet work in... even though I sat down to do so a few times. It was still a good weekend.

The hot air balloon was being used for rides. We didn't do that, as it was $12 bucks per person to get in for the extras as opposed to $3... which honestly (in my humble opinion) should be waived for residents. Ahem... There were pumpkins too, but we just used them as photo props...

This was the shot of the day. That's Dr. Destructo hamming it up in my brother and sister in law's family shot. It was like a run in cameo.

I also have about 50 pounds of apples to work with. I see applesauce and apple pie filling in my near future. Yum.

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