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Nov 10, 2011

Good Karma

Yesterday I dropped off some monsters to a new shop up in Kingston, NY... Karmabee. I drove up to check out the store last night, and I'm totally stoked to have my guys in there. The shop is adorable and set up so well. Along with very cool Karmabee items, there's a local artisan section filled with other Hudson Valley artists. I can only wish Karen the best of luck in her new venture... good vibes for the shop to succeed too.

These are all of my kid friendly monsters... pretty appropriate for the shop, as Karmabee is kid's clothes and cards and whatnot.

I am going to start featuring other artists I'm diggin' through treasuries on Etsy. I did a whole gift guide thing last year, but honestly it was a ton of work. The kind of work that I just don't have the time or energy to get into. So that's it. Here's the latest treasury filled with things that I love.

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