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Nov 11, 2011

Texture Makes the World Go Round...

Or was that love? I have old sheet music from my Grandmother that I think goes back to the 20's. Yup... definitely LOVE Makes the World Go Round.

These lovely textures can't be ignored though. This is what I'm working on. I tried to take artsy fartsy pictures to show the ups and downs of the yarn. Yesterday was kind of an "ah ha!" crochet day. I kind of just went with my gut/hook, and the results really pleased me.

I love the colorway on this yarn... I don't like the smell. I bought it thinking it was wool (no, I didn't read the label apparently...) and was so disappointed when I got home. This was going to be a shawl for me yarn. I don't like acrylic on my skin. It's great for dolls though, so this yarn got a second chance. It's Bernat Mosaic in case you don't mind acrylic. The colors are amazing.

Here's today's gift guide treasury. I'm featured in this list. It's all Hudson Valley artists. I hope you enjoy it!

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