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Jan 22, 2012

Snowboarding Without a Scarf

We went snowboarding yesterday. My neck was cold, as the "scarf" I was wearing wasn't really a good cold weather scarf. It is more of a cool weather wrap around your neck fabric. Lesson learned. Thinking back, falling so that the snow was jammed down the back of my jacket probably wasn't helping with the cold part either.

Luckily, I have 2 patterns for neck warming apparel. I have the Listado Cowl that I tried last year and couldn't get going before spring hit. I also have the NAKINAGARA Scarf with looks like I have to look up how to do all the stitches before I start. I'm thinking the Listado Cowl is going to win just because the yarn is already balled up (I'm beyond sore, and winding yarn might put me over the edge.).

This will be a nice weekend sort of project... It might take until next weekend to get myself walking again! Holy ouch, Batman! Kiddo on the other hand, is a natural shredder. He (and my bro) blew my doors in and waited patiently at the bottom laughing as I would make my appearance (finally). Snowboarding is hard. I'll get it. That was my 4th time ever so... patience. I was stoked to be out though. Snow making clouds, thank you!

first lift up the mountain

shredding like he was born to... ♥

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