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Aug 30, 2012

Political Monsters - Part 1

I'm not sure about you, but I dread election season in this country. It's a mild annoyance every August through November. This year's presidential election is looming over our country, and I'm at my breaking point. Maybe it has something to do with my Dr. Destructo making me nuts, but I think mainly it's the blatant hate EVERYWHERE.

sad patriotic knot by gran'ma monster
sad patriotic knot by gran'ma monster
I'm tired of the junk mail randomly made out that obnoxious glossy paper (greeeeeat use of campaign funds, guys). We got a Democratic anti-Tea Party slander post card yesterday. Nice. I have a 9 year old who reads very well, and can see this garbage. I imagine I'm not the only one who finds themselves fielding questions during election season.

There's  the random phone calls from automated systems that don't let me tell them to take me off their call lists. Every single person in my house is instructed to "up on robots". For real. Kiddo answers the phone now. If he hangs up quick he'll often say, "it was just robots". Some Republican surveyor tried to waste my time the other day asking who I was voting for. I politely informed him that it was none of his business and to, "take me off your list, dude. Thanks". Click. Random political phone calls are even more annoying if you have a napping aged child in your house.

I'm not even going to get into the television commercials. Another amazing waste of money. Think of all the schools, starving children, or homeless that could be helped with the amount of money they spend on commercials. It's fantabulous to see that are priorities are as messed up as they are (This last bit is dripping of sarcasm. I don't know how to type sarcastically yet.).

I'm tired of my Facebook feed turning into an overly angry place where people's real colors come out... and I'm not talking about their skin colors. I'm getting to find out which friends of mine are a bit racist. Really? Awesome... and unfriended. (Just for the record, I don't waste my time on Facebook to air out my political opinions. Frankly, it's none of anyone's business. I do air out my natural living opinions, so sue me.) I am "wasting" time trying to see buddies' kids, snoop in on  parts of their lives that they're sharing, and just try to stay connected. I want to see who's having a great life and also to be able to offer a little love to those who need a little support. I like to follow people like George Takei and find out what Pearl Jam is up to. I just want to keep my life simple, make monsters, raise happy kids, and be happy myself. Once again, the hate everywhere is a bit overwhelming.

photo of me being totally overwhelmed
it's hard to look sometimes... and i'm a drama queen.

Election season is making this all rather difficult... and for no good reason. I think all the bad vibes floating around are starting to rub off on me a bit. I'm very sensitive to that sort of thing lately. What if it were simplified? (This can't be all whiny and no solutions now can it?) Call me naive, call me ignorant. I'm not letting it in.

I'm stepping off of my soapbox to go make monsters and can some tomatoes. Please think about all of this. Share it with everyone you think needs to know. Let's not let this sort of thing be okay anymore, and stay tuned for Part 2 by subscribing to my feed thingy. (You will get an email whenever a new post goes up.)

Please don't take this to be knocking peoples' opinions. It's not. Everyone has a right to express themselves. It's the way people are sharing them. The hate and anger are very unnecessary. Maybe it's really fear that manages to be expressed in a negative way. Think back to The Beatles, folks. Maybe it is time for a Revolution. Peacefully, of course.


  1. I prefer your idea of making monsters instead of being a political monster. I have went the whole "unfriend" route with FB because I was so angry with comments. It's been hard to not write a blog about how I feel but my blog isn't about politics so I keep the comments off of there.

    I like the sad patriotic knot monster.

    1. I don't want to be mad when I go online. I think FB is toeing the line on a non-maddening place. :) The real issue with me, has been I've been biting my tongue while writing this thing for about 6 months. It just dawned on me that I was censoring myself, and really really really losing my creative motivation. I plan on letting it out. That's what blogs are for, no? Well... unless you are capable of running more than 1 (which I'm not!) :) Have a good weekend!

  2. I have friends who work really hard to support their candidates, and I do have strong feelings about some of the candidates, too. but I cannot stomach the nastiness that gets generated, the waste, as you point out could go to many better causes, and the constant intrusion into daily life is awful! Off to look for some rocks! Or blackberries. Or just watch the water and be glad I'm not available by phone !

  3. I do love the passion people have... wish I could support more on my own terms. Just the anger is so hard. BUT part 2 of this post has the more positive things and "my monsters'" solutions to the entire mess. Should be fun.

    Find some wonderful things. I miss you online and can't wait until you return... recharged and ready for action I'm sure!


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