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Mar 30, 2012

Hardly Deep Thoughts

It's been a busy week, but boy do I have lots to share!

mini monster in yellow
mini monster

1. I finished a whole mini monster one session. I never do that. I usually drag the hand sewing out for as long as possible.

monster cozies
waiting on some keychain 
key rings

2. The buttons (not pictured) on these pouches gave me more trouble than they were worth.

3. Small children can scream for an hour at a clip when they are not getting their way. That's super fun.

monster or alien hat wip
let's add ANOTHER HAT to this project

4. This hat will not be finished anytime soon, as I bought yarn for a boy version last night. I'd like to get them both done before the big reveal.

monster Progress with paint
yay paint!

5. I did get to buy paint for the first time since HIGH SCHOOL last night. I am very excited to mix up some new fang colors... maybe add a little macabre?

Thunderbolt the Bunny

6. Thunderbolt is such a pretty bunny. Aggie wasn't feeling up to posing because he got his shots yesterday. I think he's still feeling a bit funny.

7. I've been thoroughly enjoying my camera's picture filters and frames.

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  1. Cute bunny! Hope Aggie feels better soon.

  2. Love your photos. It's always fun to add extra with the filters.

    Your bunny is adorable and love the key chain monsters.

  3. How cute is that little bunny?! I love it



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