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Mar 31, 2012

Monster Eyeball Lip Balm Cozy Fun

Here's my newest item. It's chock full of monster, creepy eyeball, and it's a cozy. Pretty sweet.

Monster Eyeball Lip Balm Cozy Keychain
eyeball monster lip balm cozy

Creepy eyeballs and monsters seem to go hand in hand. This little monster cozy keychain can go with you, holding your precious lip balms or chapsticks. The pouch can also hold crystals or other small treasures... whatever fits inside. The Monster cozy is very good at watching your stuff.

eyeball monster lip balm cozy

I have  few craft shows to prepare for, and I'd like to have a bunch of these guys together for them. I'm seeing that if your price points are widely varied, more people tend to visit your booth. Do you guys have any thoughts on that? 


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