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Mar 23, 2012

Tip Toe Through the Grape Hyacinths

What a week! I can't decide if it was great or horrible. There was plant moving and sinus issues, so I guess it's a toss up. Both greatly affected my crochet time. I managed to (kind of) get these two monsters close to being finished.

The rainbow guy needs a stuffing and a mouth... painted teeth and lips crocheted on. I think I'm out of white paint, which may hinder the progress there. The pink guy just needs stuffing and a label sewn on. I should finish him up today.

I did get to work outside yesterday in my bare feet. It was awesome.

There was no progress on a certain pinkish hat that will be a monster or alien.

So that's it. I will leave you with hopes that you will visit Wisdom Begins in Wonder for Fiber Arts Friday.

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  1. I love the colors of these little cuties!


  2. Yes ... the beauty of spring and the irritation of allergies. I understand. Glad you got to work outside!

  3. The rainbow monster is a Spring Monster.
    I love how the color and the texture of the yarn can totally change the look of each creation.

  4. I love the colours. I think the little red one is my favorite!

  5. Working outdoor in bare feet....glorious! Love those little monsters!!


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