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Mar 22, 2012

Your Blog Posts Day

There was no crocheting yesterday. Instead, my sinuses decided to take over my day and make my face hurt. Today I'd like to make a bunch of headway on a new guy like Vascularity Ted... just with lips. Monsters needs lips. 

vascularity ted

Your Blog Posts Day

It's time to share your links. Please share your blog POST link (not just the blog address), and link back here on your blog so everyone can join in the fun. There are no mandatory blog categories... other than keep it family friendly. Can't wait to see your posts!

I also planted some snap peas the other day. The weather is confusing the poop out of me, and I almost thought it was too warm for them to go it. But then again, I need to get everything else started in the greenhouse. The raised beds are almost done. I love this time of year!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon!


    1. Thanks... I think they're on the mend. At least I can think straight today!


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