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Mar 19, 2012

Yarn and Gardens

We had a very busy garden weekend... I didn't crochet a stitch. There was a very small amount of knitting, but mainly not too much fiber action over the weekend. Here's the pile of yarn "to make stuff with" for this upcoming week.

cozies, monster hat, and monsters to be

Hubs built raised beds for me and we are in the process of filling them up with a hay layer and then compost and dirt. The shoveling becomes difficult after a while, but it will all be worth it in the end. I moved all the shrubberies (ooh! and a path! a path!) that needed moving. I think that would have been all of them. Apparently I planted everything in the wrong spots and am suddenly realizing it. Fun.

sweet raised beds

Agamemnon seems to be diggin' the warm sunshine, and has been spending a lot of time outside with us. We don't have a dog house built for him yet, so I still bring him in when he looks a little too warm.

i love how aggie holds his bone like a cigar

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  1. I envy you all those raised beds! We have one and are adding another this year. Baby steps...

    1. Hubs got the wood (luckily) off of a job site. They were just going to throw it out, so they said he could have it... otherwise we would be doing one a year also. I'm psyched for this year's garden!


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