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Mar 21, 2012

The Pink Blues

Da da da da dum...

I'm still wondering why I picked pink for this hat. I like pink, but I'm not a fan of crocheting with it (weird, I know.). Eh. I'd like to finish up the hat part, and then maybe get the eyeballs and mouth together today. The hat itself will be given away through Facebook (like Knot By Gran'ma, if you are interested), and it will be available as a pattern too.

monster hat wip

The bottom corner sketch is the version I decided on. The kitties would be cute too, but I didn't want to embroider things. You can also see the original bunny hat idea. I'd also like to excuse my gnarly sweater/robe thing. Apparently I have taken to wearing it as a house coat. Nice.

Since we're sharing house coat secrets, I wanted to show off one of the cooler things that came into my week. This tapestry fabric is so pretty. I think I am going to sew placemats out of it. Ahem. I will sew once I get my sewing machine fixed. It no longer reverses! My MIL gave it to me. Sweet!

I really want this jacket. That has nothing to do with anything here...

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