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Apr 18, 2012

For Those Prepared to Ship, We Salute You

Really? AC/DC and shipping? Whatever. That's the song that popped into my head. Humor me. Shipping usually means sales, and sales are good. What do you do to ship? Are you prepared?

preparing to ship out items
are you ready to ship?
I am not ready to ship. Here's some ways I could be ready. This is part of my master plan for the great KBG organization spree of 2012.

1. Have all your shipping supplies in one place... envelopes, tape, packing materials, labels, business cards, pens, etc. (Mine are in 3 different places. Why?)

2. Pre-label your envelopes with your return address. (If you print out your shipping, this step is unnecessary. I can't justify the printer ink costs.)

3. Have your packing materials all set... whether it's bags, or bubble wrap, or paper and string, or if you need a sticker/tape to secure it... have it fully stocked and at the ready. (Since I make my own paper envelopes for the butts and other small items, I should have a stack ready to go. I do not.)

4. Figure out a system. I would imagine this would be very useful for a large volume of orders. I haven't run into this problem but a few times... and holy cow, would it have been useful!

5. Keep a place for your records. I have a folder (not in the same place as all my other shipping stuff) for receipts and delivery confirmation slips from the post office.

That's my list. I'm going to implement it. I need to fix something. I know the rush that comes with the holidays, and this year I'd like to be a little less stressed. Here's to hoping!

While I'm here, I'm going to share my newest art doll... Monster Under Glass. He's smaller than my usual Monsters Under Glass. I'm trying to expand my price points where I can. Crochet work (monsters or not) takes a long time to complete!

Monster Under Glass Doll OOAK Collectible Crochet Art
monster under glass art doll

Monsters Under Glass are soft sculptures, stuck in glass... where they can't bother anyone. This cute monster doll will add a little fun to any doll collection. The monsters are forever sealed and ready to be placed on display. They're not happy about it, but there's not much they can do about it. Check this guy out!


  1. I have observed the same things about shipping. I ship dolls--and sometimes that gets expensive, since they're not small, and they're often fragile. But having all the "stuff" in one place helps, as does keeping the shipping receipts with your expense accounting stuff. Oooh, that reminds me I haven't done the books for March yet. Yuck. Thanks for ruining my day!
    (love the Monster under Glass.)

  2. Ha. Sorry. I'm about 3 months behind in paperwork if it helps. :) This is my achilles heel lately. I'm getting there. Yesterday I made the space for the shipping supplies to all go together. It's a start!


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