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Aug 17, 2012

Where is Wald... er... Knot By Gran'ma?

I'm off for the weekend and then taking a week off at the beach.  This weekend you can find me at the Garrison Fine Crafts Fair... both Saturday and Sunday. Come stop by if you're in the area.

If you find yourself missing your fun Knot By Gran'ma fix next week, you can always drop by this great giveaway that Playin' Hooky Designs is sponsoring. I'm offering your choice of any 5 of my crochet patterns as a prize. Just follow the link under the picture. You'll need to "LIKE" Playin' Hooky Designs, hit "DO IT", and then scroll down to "KNOT BY GRAN'MA", make sure you "LIKE" the page and also hit "DO IT". It's a lot easier than it looks... especially when typed out with all those quotation marks. There are hundreds of other prizes you can enter to win too. That's pretty schnazzy, no? 

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  1. Hope the Garrison show is great for you, Jess! and enjoy your vacation!


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