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Oct 12, 2012

Do Slacker Robots Exist?

I actually mostly got to finishing day... my first one ever. I was hoping to be almost done by now, but an unexpected doctor's visit threw a wrench in that one. It happens. Here's the pile to finish.

finishing day pile o' crochet by knot by gran'ma
finishing day pile o' crochet
If I finish this up in an orderly fashion, I'll have an extra moment to work on some motifs I promised for last week. Just call me Knot By Gra-slacker-ma... or not a robot. Since you cannot be a slacker and a robot at the same time, they both fit this particular situation. Here's the book I will be working out of. You will get to read my review of it over on Pulp Sushi sometime soon.

75 floral blocks to crochet
75 floral blocks to crochet

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