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Oct 9, 2012

Organizing My Work at Home Space

Sometimes I find myself in a sea of work mess after I'm done "working" for the day, or we're eating among a pile of yarn and hooks. It becomes a little overwhelming, because I find I'm working on putting my work away rather than taking care of the house and dinner. I'm also spending creative time looking for things that should be in the work zone, but end up near the fridge. The perk of being home with Dr. Destructo should be (aside from the loving, wonderful, insanity he provides) the ability to keep up with rest of our family's life. This can't happen if my work space is interfering with my home space and (yes, even my little side of the kitchen table) gets totally out of control.

After stressing out about it for about a month, I realized if I only take the items I need for the day into my work zone, and then put them away this will solve the problem. It has also been streamlining my work, because I don't have to stop to go look for something that's been tucked away for "later".

everything fits neatly inside... today's work in a basket
I have 2 two wire baskets. One is the work pile for the day. It goes up to my work space and has all the items I need for the day's planned crochet pieces. The official KBG work notebook goes in there too. Eventually my laptop will be included, but for now it has a temporary home (there's a level of organizing that needs to be done in my craft room that makes my brain explode... baby steps). I refill this basket for the next day as I'm putting it away for the night. This is allowing me to relax a little at night... or whenever I decide to stop working. It also allows me to neatly move my work around at dinner time or if I decide to work in the porch. That last part won't happen until the spring. Baby, it got cold outside!

The second basket the place I put my monsters that need to be stuffed, or need tags, or need the ends clipped off... a little finishing if you will, from the first basket. That one stays down in the craft room until finishing day. I'm going to shoot for one day a week as a finishing day.

The goal of this is to cut down the chaos and stress that being an unorganized mess creates. What do you do to help organize your work if you're home? Do you have any tips?


  1. I need to work on this very thing when we get back to Florida. My work space is just not working. You've given me some good ideas! Hugs!

  2. Well ... I don't do much for organization except buy a lot of baskets to put stuff in. Not foolproof...I lost a Trindle for nearly a year!

  3. That's definitely a good idea. I try to only have out what I'm working on, but that tends to not happen most of the time.

  4. Oh boy! I'm glad I'm not the only one... Beth, you made my really LOL! More baskets! I'm slowly getting my butt together. Apparently I cannot work with unnecessary distractions. The kids and regular life are plenty... everything else should be away or neat for me. It's only taken me 30+ years to figure this all out. Ha!


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