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Nov 7, 2012

Tigers and Elephants Invasion

It's not really an invasion. I am currently working on the crochet pattern for these 2 masks. I want to get them out to you all as soon as possible. These were the original pictures from the original custom order.

crocheted tiger mask by knot by gran'ma
crocheted tiger mask

crocheted elephant mask by knot by gran'ma
crocheted elephant mask 
Here's where I am today. The hardest part has been figuring out what the heck I wrote down. I have definitely changed for the better in my pattern writing down skills. Holy heck.

crochet tiger mask wip by knot by gran'ma
crochet tiger mask wip 

Would you make these for holiday or birthday gifts? Would you rather the options to have the crochet patterns sold separately or as a bundle? Inquiring minds (just me) want to know. Leave me a note!


  1. If I could crochet, I think I would want them in a set of patterns, so I would have the option of whichever I wanted. I hope that you find success with these, they are super duper cute :)

  2. Those would be great Halloween party masques!

  3. Would buy either way. I have HUGE Alabama Fans that would like elephant mask. Really cute!


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