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Jan 28, 2013

A Taste of an Kim and Vague Confession

Crash It Kim is a little all over the place. She is loud, creative, energetic, angry, happy, ecstatic, enraged, frightened, and full of life. The only problem is this all occurs at the same time or in quick succession. It is hard for other monsters to be around her sometimes, but it is hard for her to be around other monsters too. She makes simple things seem overwhelming and often ends up crashing into a pile of mush... sometimes staying there for days.

Crash It Kim Monster Sculpture by Knot By Gran'ma
Crash It Kim Monster Sculpture by Knot By Gran'ma
Kim doesn't mean to be this way. Kim loathes this part of her. She is well aware of her behaviors, and even though she shouldn't be, is a little ashamed of the way she is. Kim is learning to accept her personality as her own. She is trying to own it through her creativity, because it is her. Crashing is hard, but it's part of the process and another part to fess up to. It happens often. Kim lives constantly on this imaginary emotional roller coaster.

Crash It Kim will be okay, because she hasn't given up.

I relate to Kim very well. I understand how she feels, and know how hard the day can be sometimes. In starting over I think this is important to bring up. The past year has had it's ups and downs (literally), with little insight as to how it made me feel. The little bit of Kim in me is starting to express pieces of it, so that I can enjoy today for what it is. I'm confident that I (and Kim too) will be able to live a very happy life, surrounded by the things that are healthy and important to me.

With the uncomfortable part out of the way, I am hoping that this little blurb doesn't come back to define Knot By Gran'ma and bite me in the butt. This is a HUGE part of my personality, but you're still all stuck with cat butts and fun little monsters... just now they will have monster friends that deal with my journey of healing and acceptance.

You can take Kim home here or from Etsy.


  1. Crash It Kim is such a beautiful creation! Even more so because she was born from a place of meaning in your heart.

  2. Oh thank you... she is the project that was throwing me off, being so personal and all. Glad you're diggin' her.

  3. I think both you and Kim are awesome! I love learning how about how was she was made and where she came from and I think others will appreciate posts like this. It won't bite you int he butt. :)


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