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Apr 19, 2013

I Will Never Miss All of This

I think I figured out her feet. Dr. Destructo said they should be bird feet that are gray. I thought regular gray was too washed out, so I'm going with this purple-with-warm-tones-gray-mixed-with-black instead. Close enough. I will be adding blue toenails to them. Someone in this house deserves a pedicure. It may not be me who gets it, but at least it will be happening on some sort of bizarro level. I really am enjoying seeing my ideas translate into my crochet work as I'm actually seeing them head though. So there's that.

Lady Monster feet WIP by Knot By Gran'ma
Lady Monster feet WIP

It's Friday, which means yoga, which is better than a pedicure... but also a damned good reason to get one done. I can't wait to point my pointers into the air (I really can't. I hurt my hip a few weeks back and it hurt to move.). I just can't find the time to squeeze this extra pedicure or other just because stuff in. Saying no (which I am practicing) is hard when things for the kids need to be done. I'm the mom and Hubs is working (flippin' all the time... which is great but draining for me), and having a smaller kid and an older kid with needs and wants and desires, means I'll be the one sucking it up to: one day I'll have all the time in the world for this. Yes. And I will miss them being little and me answering "mommy" every half second... and maybe then I can fulfill my hopes and dreams of becoming a biker chick, or be able to sit down and work for more than 5 minutes at a clip.

In keeping with the theme of not missing things, ('cause I don't want to miss a thing... sung in my best Steven Tyler voice) see more writing, drawing, and photography. I'll be adding them here. Maybe if I let all of The Creative that lives inside of me out, it'll start showing some beautiful progressions. I can be my own butterfly metamorphosis, but first I have to finish this doll.

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  1. Yes, let all of the creative out ... !

  2. Yes one day you shall have all the time to yourself, then you will be missing your little ones being around you all the time ;-)

  3. haha, it is easier to knit a pedi than to get one yourself. I have always wanted to try Yoga but never have except for a few stretches at home. Good for you.

  4. Apparently it was easier to talk about making a pedicure too. No one got nice toes this weekend. Hahahahaha. Yoga is kind of my glue these days. It's very calming and helps me center... the actual stretches and poses are a bonus.

  5. Thank you. I really enjoy making them. I know that this needy attention time will be over in a blink.


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