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May 3, 2013

Happily Hooking It Up

I'm happily writing this post this week. Hubs has been away working then taking a class until 9:30 pm each night, and I still accomplished this batch of dolls. Being the solo parent did cut into my creating time, and we were just really really busy on top of that. I suppose that's the way it always works though. It's okay. We had a blast filling up the time.

It was nice to feel that same crochet rhythm once I was able to sit down and work. I've been thinking along the lines of this is the task, and I'll get up to do a different task once (and only once) this task is finished. Also, cutting down the computer time helped immensely. I'm actually closing my inbox after the first initial glance, and it's getting easier not to peek. That being said, the blogging end of Knot By Gran'ma is picking up a little. Small victories.

I got the unicorn pocket monster thing out of my system for now. This batch of 3 are crocheted up out of scrap yarns. In creating the scrap version, and then knowing I have a non-scrap version, I was able to play with my pricing and see what I'm actually making per hour and what can go into wholesale markets, and all of the "fun" that goes along with that.

Unicorn Pocket Monsters by Knot By Gran'ma
Unicorn Pocket Monsters
My owl is finished too. I keep thinking peacock when I look at her because of the wing coloring, but.. she's an owl. I tweaked this design to be more price friendly and also am hoping to get a few out into the wholesale arena.

Owl Monster Doll by Knot By Gran'ma
Owl Monster Doll... not a  peacock.
I'll be offering them up for sale on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 12 pm EST. Sign up for the newsletter for a friendly reminder and some coupon codes. Maybe you'll find yourself enchanted with the outright adorableness to snatch one up for yourself.

Agamemnon the pug
Agamemnon the pug... exercising is hard.
We also decided that Agamemnon needs a little more exercise, because he's chubbing up. I'm expecting the vet to give me a talkin' to the next time we visit. Hiking and the brand new dog park were on our list of activities. Note to self: If you have a moose running through your town randomly, do not bring the topic up while in the middle of a hike with your kids. It will freak them the flip out. Hahahaha!

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  1. Flying K Farm CSAMay 3, 2013 at 3:04 PM

    Your owl is so cute love the colors! The little monsters are neat too.

  2. One of our favorite children's books is "There's a Moose on the Loose". The poor pup!! But I am sure there was fun involved at the dog park.

  3. That's a great book. The pup will survive. Once he's back to his healthy weight, these hiking adventures and dog park trips will be much easier. LOL.

  4. Would it help if you tell Agamemnon he'd meet girl puggies in the park? My Bucky loved going on walks until he was very old. (And I just noticed one of the labels on your blog post is "fat pug", ouch!)

  5. Awww, that owl is so cute, I had love at your comment "not a peacock", lol!

  6. Thanks. I want to make bunches of them. I love them too!


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