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May 1, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday: Monster Owl

I don't understand the, "Hey let's buy an owl themed something" kick that's been going on for like the past 7 years. I said it. Regardless of my understanding, I was asked to crochet up an owl mascot for an local organization. (I did roll my eyes a little when I heard it was an owl, but whatever.) Then suddenly, I fell in love with my design. I wasn't expecting that to happen, so I'm making up another one in super bright colors, with what seems to have become my creepy monster eyes. Let's face it. Owls can be scary. Monsters can be scary too, so I'm marrying the ideas together to make a kind of creepy monster owl doll. Not too creepy though. Owls do that all by themselves.

Monster Owl Doll WIP by Knot By Gran'ma
Monster Owl Doll... just needs his wings sewn on and some stuffing.

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