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Jess from Knot By Gran'ma

Knot By Gran'ma Blog
The journey of crocheted monsters, crochet patterns, and this life of mine.
I am Jess Schleicher, the monster maker behind Knot By Gran'ma. I work in crocheted fiber. This is my blog.
Humor is very important in my pieces. These crochet monsters are meant to make you step back and smile, without being too dark or frightening. Bold colors and fun textures are important elements in this. The pieces need to have a little bit of a story to their look, without actually having anything written down about them. I am just learning to add my own personal stories to some of the newer dolls. It’s really an interesting journey.

Surrealism, fantasy, and science fiction art are major influences on my personal style. The works of Dali, Picasso, and Frank Frazetta have always been fascinating to me, and I definitely watched (watch) too many cartoons. I used to sketch exclusively, but once I had a family, the shift turned to crochet. It started with hats and then morphed into this monster doll fun land. I design crochet patterns to break up the doll work.

I think it's pretty amazing how some string and a little imagination can be brought to life with a hook and some patience. I want people to be amazed that this sort of work can be done with crochet.