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Aug 17, 2009

Yarn Swap

Here's the deal: Deadline to sign up is September 9th. Names will be picked on September 10th, and we'll have until September 16th to send out our yarn remnant packages... first class mail... nothing fancy.

1. 30-60 yard remnants.

2. 10 remnants each person.

3. Remnants must be balled up or wound up neatly in some way. They should come shipped in a water tight envelope or in a plastic bag in an envelope.

If you are interested, please leave me a comment. I will not publish comments that have your personal information in them. It should have your name, email, and mailing address in it, so I can not publish it but still generate a list of people interested.

I will draw names from out of a hat and you'll have your yarn swap buddy to send your yarn to. Everyone will be emailed their yarn swap buddy's name and address to send said yarn to.

Any feedback that you can think of would be fantastic. Please feel free to take the badge for your blog if you want to participate, and pass the word on to your yarny friends!


  1. Sorry... don't have any yarn, but your swap is a great idea! Good luck!!

  2. Best of luck with your swap. You know, swap-bot can actually take care of all the details for you. You can set up your swap over there. I have swapped several times through them, it is really fun.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a fan.

  3. I would love to!! hand spun yarn ok?
    I am Cintia Pollock let me know ok?


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