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Jun 17, 2010

Torn Between a Zombie and a Dork Place


I managed to sneak in a little crochet work last night for Alice's eyes.  And that's it.  My brain felt like it was going to melt by the time I got home from the PTA meeting... especially after the day I had.  Here they are.  I think they make Alice look a bit zombie like, honestly.  This will probably go away once I add her hair and mouth (I hope!).  Am going to see if I can start on her dress today.  It looks like it may have to be done in size 10 crochet cotton... so it'll take a year.  Good thing I have under a month to finish her.

Looking through my ideas of patterns, I realized that I'm probably one of the least organized people I know.  In true dork fashion I sat my butt down with a cup of coffee this morning and organized my "patterns to design" list.  It's an impossible list to accomplish, seeing as I have other obligations in my day, but it should keep me going.  I know I will add to the list, start things that aren't on the list, and hopefully rename most things on the list as I go.  It will be an interesting journey to the end of the year.  I hope it at least brings some great patterns to the masses.  Fingers crossed.

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