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Jun 23, 2010

Strep & Flowers to Brighten Your Day

This is one of those months that can just end a week early I think.  Aside from the weird hospital stay (Did we ever get a clear answer on what happened there? No.. just antibiotics), little man and staples in his head, and the usual suspects of things that make you pull your hair out, I have come down with strep throat.  Really?  I don't get sick ever.  Well apparently I do now.  Oh well.  Hopefully this will be the last round of (*cough* poison *cough*) antibiotics forever... or at least another 10 flippin' years. And today is the last day of school.  Great.

Since we are on the topic of never ending... the crochet pattern that I have been working on for what seems like forever is almost done.  It went from being daisies, zinnias, and hydrangeas with stems and prettiness to daisy and zinnia magnets or appliques... still pretty but toned way down.  I just wasn't enjoying this one after day one.  I want this to be something that I always love to do, so I modified it to be done and over with quickly.  I have no guilt about it either.  The final flowers are blocking (which I never do) and the leaves are still being made.  Once that's all done, I will be finishing the pattern writing and photographing part. Yay!

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