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Dec 1, 2010

Invasion of the Holiday Monsters!

They're actually called Peppermint Monsters... and they are just here for the holidays. This is actually a really weird thing for me to be doing. I don't normally make holiday themed monsters or anything... This year I'm feeling more festive than usual, and just had to do something to spread the merriment. Life is good, so monsters will be made!

These guys will be made until I get sick of making them or the end of the week, whichever comes first. So far there are 3 of them, but a 4th is coming to life as we speak!  He's gonna have loooooong legs.

They'll all be up in the shop, so keep checking in to see how many I make.  Anyone wanna wager a number?  I'm thinking I'll get through 6 of them...

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