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Jan 11, 2011

Monster Dolls for Kids

I have a brand spanking new product for you. well... your kids, or your friends' kids, or nieces or nephews... I'm kind of excited about it, actually.  I'm proud to introduce to you all... *da, da, da, da, da, da, da! * my monster dolls for kids!  They'll be living in the Monster Dolls for Kids section of my Etsy shop.

This guy is Mort.  He's (like they all will be) crocheted out of wool yarn and stuffed with wool fiberfill.  The only not from nature part of him (aside from the dyes on the wool) is his safety eyes.  They're acrylic, and the reason why these dolls are for ages 3 and up.  

The hardest part about making Mort was complying with the CPSIA and they're (albeit good intentioned) redonkulous rules.  I also had to add FTC stuff, because I used wool.  So I did my homework.  I found what was a good fit for me, got all my paperwork together and even got some spiffy new labels from Custom Couture Label Company (I forgot to put this in originally!)

I still love making art dolls and plan on continuing with them for, well ever.  Stuff for kids is actually a challenge, because I can't just throw stuff here and there and know that no one's going to play with it.  I have to follow the rules.  I have to make things that can withstand kids.  I have to make little kids happy.  My little kids were not happy when they'd swipe a doll and I'd have to take it away from them due to the unsafeness. 

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