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Jan 6, 2011

Business as Usual... Improved Only by Poop and Jack Frost

It's been a good day so far... well aside from the blood curdling Dr. Destructo Toddler screaming this morning when he was ready to get out of his crib.  It'll be a matter of days before he figures out how to fall out on his own.  Oh goody.  Anyway...

My new business cards came!  They're swell.

new Knot By Gran'ma business card
I like days like this... mostly.  It all started well enough.  Then we were 3 MINUTES from when the bus comes to the end of the driveway.  Kiddo's all like, I gotta go to the bathroom.  I'm all like, NOW?!  He's like IT'S POOP!  I'm like, GO QUICK!!!  So he does and the bus arrives, and lingers, and moves on, and we have 2 minutes before it comes back up the street.  HURRY UP!!!!!  He runs out of the door (hands washed and all...) and makes the bus just barely.  The driver almost got rear ended because she hit her brakes so fast (I could go into other reasons why you shouldn't tailgate a bus on a 30mph street, but poop emergencies should be good for now).  Why did he wait until the last minute to take care of his butt?  He was doing his hair of course... an 8 year old.  He had to make his new do look awesome.  Can't blame him for wanting to look sharp, I guess.

smooth operator
But I guess the really big news is the fact that I FINALLY FINISHED my Jack Frost doll.  I missed the January 1st deadline for the MMC (micro mini challenge), but life happens and I love him so I don't care.

Jack Frost crochet art doll in his zen position
He's great.  He sits or stands.  He's got a little Elvis sneer going on.  His hands are attached to scarf like arms that wrap around his body... I just love him.

jack frost crochet art doll
You can bring him home by clicking on one of the pictures.  So that's a normal day here... although I am very shouty in this post, but that's business as usual for over here on the KBG home front.  Did I mention that I loved my Jack Frost doll?

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