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Feb 22, 2011

For the Birds?

(Michelle, don't look!) There was definitely a theme at our house this weekend.  It was all about birds.

I started a new art doll.  I haven't done a smaller art doll in a while, so I ran with it.  I didn't sketch it or anything... just let the yarn and hook work their magic. Suddenly I had visions of some bead work, painting, barbed wire, a stand... all sorts of fun.  My small art doll suddenly turned into quite the project.  It's cool though. I'm really excited to see how she'll turn out.  It's a good distraction from the other turbulence in my world.

The beak came out pretty well... wait for the teeth!

We also had some turkey visitors.  I think they were checking out the chickens and seeing if they could get in on their breakfast.  This was as close as we could get to them.  They're up in the back by the shed/coop.

They came back the next day too, but headed for the big tree to do some foraging...

So aside from the sad overtones and unnecessary drama, this weekend was pretty cool in its own weird sort of way.  Keeping that silver lining in sight!

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