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Feb 2, 2011

How To Tell You're Really Busy... KBG Style

Well, I wouldn't say really busy...  I've been farting around though, trying to get stuff done.  Aside from trying to get to all the cool bloggers from OWOH, I've been making stuff.

I have a new monster doll.  She's nameless... I thought maybe whomever (am I using that in the right way?) brings her home might want to name her.  She's one of my kid friendly dolls.  I love her.

I've also been writing up this aviator hat crochet pattern.  This has been taking longer than usual, because of all the snow days... which results in shorter naps for Dr. Destructo Toddler due to his big bro being home.  I'm not on the computer when he's awake because it's in the non-child friendly part of the house. But it is finally done.

You can get it on:

This also took longer due to the impromptu snowboarding adventure yesterday evening.  Kiddo and I took of for Thunder Ridge and got a few hours in.  It was awesome... until I broke my butt (yeah that tailbone is definitely bruised!) and realized this morning that I seriously tweaked my knee.  Kiddo had a blast though, so we'll be going again (me with knee braces) and bruises or not was totally worth it... Maaaaaaaan!

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  1. The new little monster doll is adorable

  2. Thanks so much. I'm not usually a pink kind of gal, but this one is up there in my favorites!


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