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Feb 4, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday Finally Again!

This week's productivity has been hampered a bit by snow days, the One World One Heart blog event, and small children feeling under the weather... and snowboarding.  We can't forget that priority. At least I wasn't as sore this time around the day after.  This time I could move everything but my butt and one knee.  That's progress.  Last time I couldn't even move my arms, legs, or even fingers from trying to claw myself onto the mountain as I fell.  Snowboarding is awesome.

tentacle ballet monster wip
I did manage to write up my aviator hat pattern, a new monster doll and some tentacles for the current art doll I'm working on.  I love crocheting tentacles, by the way.  It's the sewing on of the suction cups and undersides that take the fun down a few notches.  Hopefully these will have pipe cleaners or something that I can put in them to keep them bendy.

I'm digging out my sock (YES I KNOW!!! STILL NOT DONE!!!) and am going to finish it this weekend.   Then I will cast on its partner... and probably take 6 months to finish it also.  Next winter I will have a killer pair of socks at this point. Hahahahahaha!

random chicken picture... she-ra
It's Fiber Arts Friday, so please leave a comment and then head over to Andrea's Blog, Wisdom Begins in Wonder and check out the other Fibery posts!  I guarantee you will learn something interesting.


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  1. Yay for Fiber Arts Friday ... gonna head over there now!

  2. Happy Fiber Arts Friday! I can't wait to see your new monster. Your blog always makes me smile, thank you.

  3. I love the tentacle monster! I can't wait to see it finished. Your creations are so much fun and really spark the imagination.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!


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