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Mar 1, 2011

Don't Mess with the Mother...

Mother Bird Monster Crochet OOAK Art Doll

Or she might peck your eyes out.  Well, not really.  She is a doll after all... a creepy mother bird art doll, with fangs and a beaded crochet peg leg.  I love her. If she didn't seem so vicious (and she wasn't a doll) I'd hug her... Okay, I did hug her... before I glued her to the nest. Just don't tell anyone! She's for sale in my Shoply shop.

Care Bears rule

labeled and all...

I got to do some painting on this doll... apparently I miss painting.  It was so nice yesterday to just sit down with my paintbrush, ruin a sweater sleeve (because I dipped it in the paint unknowingly...), and just paint a bit.  I missed the smell of my acrylics and was so happy to open my paint box... which yes, is my old lunchbox from 3rd grade. I did the fangs on a pieces of canvas that I cut to shape. Fabric glue is my new best friend due to the fact that it cut my glue work in half.  AWESOME.  I really should get out a little more and try new products, don't you think?

ferocious fangs

notice the bird poop?

I spent yesterday evening assembling my bird mother and crocheting her precious eggs.  In my mind, all eggs should be this color blue.  Sadly, only one chicken (Bob) lays colored eggs... They're my favorite ones to eat.  No, they don't taste any different than the brown ones. :)

eggs from our chickens

I'd like to make more of these pieces.  I enjoyed the process and really like when my dolls seem more like pieces of art than just plush dolls.  Don't get me wrong, I love my plush.  This is just more my style and it's nice to branch out to other mediums to get the job done.  I've updated the Ravelry project page if you are interested in seeing all of the work in progress pictures.

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