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Jun 29, 2011

Slow Down and Smell the Flowers Without Hyperventilating

Ever get that feeling that you're not being productive enough, even though you really are doing a lot of stuff? Well I've got that feeling ALL THE TIME. It's been rough trying to shake it... I blame being overwhelmed by the universe on this one. (Easier than blaming yourself, no?) But really it is me.

I managed to finish these guys' bodies this morning afternoon. They're to be stuffed into bottles hopefully by tonight (children pending). These WERE SUPPOSED TO BE FINISHED YESTERDAY, according to my evil to-do list (THAT'S a doll I should make... Evil To-Do List of Doom). Breathe.

Monsters under glass waiting to be put into glass...

I'm also supposed to be folding 8 loads of laundry, washing more, cleaning the clutter, being a good mom to Dr. Destructo and Kiddo, driving to camp, making dinner, and figuring out the clutter dilemma in our house. Then today was supposed to have 2 more Remember to Love Monsters FINISHED. There's also these dried herbs that have to be put into jars and the flippin' gardens. Now mind you, I enjoy almost everything on these lists... aside from the dishes, bathroom cleaning, and laundry... breathe, chick.

Mint, lavender, applemint, spearmint, and mint

I know I'm a little (a little!!!?!) unrealistic in my list writing... I do it every time. I also have a butt-load of outside stress affecting my days (doesn't everyone?), so maybe I am going to just chill. I will be less sensitive to outside energies, and not let every little thing (cough*messycountertop*cough) throw me into a spiral. BUT I STILL HAVEN'T SHARED THE CRUISE/BAHAMAS PICTURES. Yeah... I'll get to it. Maybe. After all, life is pretty short.

Me on cliffs in Bermuda
That being said, I'll probably make another list tomorrow. I will also be making a zen zone (in between the other stuff)... for me to meditate, read, and do self Reiki... and breathe. Yoga's going in there too... well, not the zen zone, but somehow into my schedule of things. Time to take care of me so that I can continue to do what I love in the most efficient ways possible.

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  1. That monster is so cute!!!!
    And I love the idea of a zen corner. I may have to get me one of those.
    I love your blog, and hope the taking care of yourself and chilling works and you feel a wee b it better.

  2. I'm struggling today too love. We need to sell our house. Like emotional/spiritual/physical *need* to and before the summer is over. At least have it repaired and be out. I've been at getting through everything for 6 weeks. Even with the kids helping, I'm losing my momentum, but fact is, there's so much to do and we still have clutter to contend with. I took a look around and burst into tears finally this afternoon. I'm supposed to teach a last minute new age class tomorrow and I am not in the zen place I need to be in either. So take heart, we're in this together chic and not alone in our frustrations or discouragements. I have. :) Thanks for writing so I could feel hugged.


  3. Apparently baby steps is supposed to work. I'll use that strategy for the zen corner, and if it takes me a year... well it'll be done when it's supposed to be.

    Sorry to hear of your struggles, Jules... stinks. I like to repeat 90 million times a day that this too shall pass. I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope that some good energy will find its way to you. More hugs too!

  4. Breathe... it's going to be okay ;)
    I make sure to put yoga in my schedule twice a week, and I'm pretty picky about what I put on my to-do list. Usually, I finish by Thursday, and can have Friday to be creative- but that's just what works for me.
    I also read the blog, Zen Habits: it's awesome :)
    Best wishes!

  5. Definitely important to make time for yourself. I think that To Do lists are great and I use them all the time but I think that sometimes it's also beneficial to write a fresh new list at the end of the day called the Done List reminding yourself of all of the great things you did accomplish and how those accomplishments fit in with your values, life goals, etc.

  6. Oh! I really like the end of the day list... what a boost! :)


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