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Jul 5, 2011

Finding the Good...

We had a bad weekend. I won't go totally into it, but there's all sorts of bad vibes flying around. Public service announcement: drugs and alcohol ruin everyone's lives... even if you (No, not you...) don't see it because of the before mentioned items. I'm praying that some people realize this before everything can't be fixed.

remember to love monster doll v.7
In light of all of the toxicity, I got myself busy with working on dolls... to distract myself. It helped a lot, actually. It also helps that Hubs and the kiddies are awesome. I started with a new Remember to Love Monster. It seems appropriate. I absolutely am in love with the colors on this one. It's like all the yarn had a pow wow and decided to come out beyond cool.

tentacle ballet monster doll sneak peak
This is the sneak peak picture of the Tentacle Ballet Monster. She's just needs some finishing touches at this point. I'll be fitting them in between some gardening, and hugs, and the giant jellyfish that I'm starting today.

Speaking of jellyfish... does anyone know if LED bulbs get hot?

So.... hug your loves, and try to be good to each other. Life's too short to act in any other way. And really... how flippin' cute is my Agamemnon?
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  1. I think there is a lot of value in turning to creativity to re-energize yourself during negative times. What a great idea for the Remember to Love monster!

  2. So sorry to hear of your problems. My older brother has had problems with alcohol since he was fourteen. I estranged myself from him years ago when I realized all he was ever going to want from me was bail money and money for beer. It's really hard to know someone is going down that path, but they just won't listen. I hope it works out for you all soon.

  3. Trying to keep my head above the things I have no power over... also oddly inspired to make beautiful (well... as beautiful as monsters can be) work out of the things that hurt...

  4. Love and hugs are good!!


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