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Jun 27, 2011

The Tutu That Almost KILLED Me...

Hey, I'll make this doll with a tutu. It'll be easy. Sure. Hey, I'll also make sure that even though using size 10 crochet cotton wasn't hard enough with the itty bitty size 7 steel hook.... I'll make sure each row has over 300 stitches. I'll also make sure that I take some crinoline and attach it with 80 gabillion pins and then hand sew it to the tutu... pleated! I couldn't stop there. I had to cover the top edge with a silky brown ribbon. 57 thousand hours later.... (Yes... drama llama.)

It was totally worth it, because it came out gorgeous. I think my Ballet Tentacle Monster is most pleased with her new outfit. At least I hope she is... (Yes, I know she's a doll... let's not judge.)

Once all the excitement was done... I managed to get 2  jars (formerlly for horseradish, which we ate like it was our job) for some new monsters under glass. Yeah!

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  1. That is so cool. What an amazing amount of work!


  2. It's good that it was all worth it with a great end product! Also really loving your under-glass monsters.

  3. unique, so lovely, so cute!!!! :)

  4. Thanks guys... Taking a few days to think about her hair. That should also almost kill me. Can't wait!


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