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Aug 5, 2011

Dangerous Unicorns Don't Wear Socks

I started my newest big doll... the unicorn/man-of-war jellyfish doll. The original sketch is in this post. I got as far as the head before I was bored beyond all recognition. I shouldn't have gotten bored, because horse (ahem unicorns to be) heads are flippin' difficult to crochet. My first attempt seriously looked like a cow. So I fixed his ears and we're a bit closer to horse. I think it's the fact that I'm basically making a horse body out of boring white yarn that's going to make this part difficult for me to stay motivated... until the fun details. Then it's a different story.

She/he'll have crazy lips with sharp fangs hanging out of them, psycho unicorn/killer jellyfish eyes, and a myriad of rainbows and jellyfish strewn about. The head will be amazingly unicorniness after all that. I promise. It's one of the perks with working with monsters.

After all of that... while watching the worst Shark Week episode ever... I picked up my sock. I'm determined to finish this by the end of the month even if it means a half hour a day to do it. It's coming along nicely. The pair will be given to someone with smaller feet than me, because they're too small. I have to make a size up for myself! Oh well. I have lots of nice sock yarn waiting.

That will have to wait though, because I really want to knit up one of these jammers.

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  1. The unicorn looks like a fun challenge!

  2. It'll certainly be a challenge just to get the body right... a little exciting.


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