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Nov 14, 2011

Grawr... Means What?

I have a craft show on Saturday. I have to make more mini monsters for this craft show. I'm out and really have been slacking on their production. My very full time mom hat has been worn mainly this past week, so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. Family before monsters! I'm still a little frustrated with my progress, but a lot can be accomplished in a week.

As for what the word "Grawr" means... well, that's the sound I picture this dude saying. He's pretty cool so far. This is the art monster doll that was supposed to be a quick crochet piece, which I started on Friday,  and has taken on a life of his own. Today I'll be sawing dowels and gluing things and probably painting at some point. I'm not sure when he'll be done because of the previously mentioned work that needs to be finished for the show.

We were fortunate to take a walk yesterday on the Walkway over the Hudson. This was one of the sights. I find this so adorably amusing. I keep thinking the dog was like, "I know, I know I know..."

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