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Nov 21, 2011

The List Goes On...

Now that the craft show craziness is over (maybe... stay tuned for more information on that) I still have a plethora (maybe my most favorite word, in case you were wondering) of awesome work to do. Apparently Thanksgiving is on Thursday and then the holiday shopping masses will rain down upon us (I hope).

This little roller derby monster lady is waiting to be finished. She just needs a face, and some roller skates... oh and a helmet. You can't be too safe! I'm hoping to list her tomorrow alongside her made to order roller derby monster friend.

In the meantime, there's a bunch of monsters waiting (very patiently I might add) to be properly photographed and listed... shop update tonight around 8:30 my time (EST).

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  1. Love the monsters hair, and love the song!!!

  2. Yeah it's one of my favorites... was psyched to find the video.


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