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Dec 4, 2011

Busy and Grateful

So it's been a bit busy with custom orders and whatnot... I kind of like it. This is a normally busy time of year for us on top of the usual holiday insanity (That's what I'm calling it from now on.). Kiddo's birthday is also in December, so there's a party to plan for that... he's still into parties, but I think this is the last big party year. Anyway.

My LOVE piece is coming along slowly. I had an aviator hat that had to be out by this past Saturday or it wouldn't arrive to its final destination in time. That became a priority. Now I have a few days to spend on this without any more custom order stress. I'm trying to figure out the wiring that I'll need to get this guy to pose the right way. There's fang painting and woodworking to fit in before I can figure out the final details. I have about 10 days total to finish and deliver this guy. I can do it... and way before. There's too much other stuff to do, so this will have to be out of the way.

Aggie's been a big help in the whole process... snoring like a champ. That gross green thing is his toy that he loves to pieces. Looks like I know what he's getting in his stocking this year!

Speaking of stockings... I recently became re-aware of the bigger holiday (ahem*Christmas*ahem... I said it, Jackie!) meaning. Kiddo made a list of like $3000 worth of stuff. Most of it, high end electronics... and totally expecting most of it. He will not be getting a laptop, keyboard, iPod touch, or CB radio, even though the last thing there is pretty funny. He will be getting a small amount of gifts and whatnot, and we've been trying to stress that Christmas isn't about just toys and gifts. How do you tell an 8 year old that times are tough and we have to cut back? You can't really... and have them fully understand why. Also Santa is magic and can do anything. We are stressing the importance of being grateful for what we have and just being with our families. We'll be donating some toys to Toys for Tots too. Kiddo will be doing his part for that. (By the way, the older kids often get left out. Keep them in mind too.) 

So when the holidays (whatever you celebrate) start to become overwhelming and beyond expensive, try to step back (breathe) and remember that there are folks out there with no holiday gifts. Some people have no family... hell, some people don't have homes! There's always someone out there worse off that what you are going through. The holidays should be joyous for the love and celebration parts and not for the what did I get part. Try to enjoy every bit of what you have. You never know if it'll be yanked out from under you.

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