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Feb 20, 2012

Breaking for Color

COLOR! I've been working on an aviator hat in brown. I finished, so now I can get back to the color! This guy/gal is going to be a monster that also sits on a  shelf... a shelf sitter. Apparently I have been in the dark ages when it comes to the categorization of my dolls. Silliness. I'm loving the new shape of this one. It's fun.

monster on a shelf to be...

The thing about aviator hats is they get boring to make. Right before the goggles, it's almost unbearable. Then you fly through the goggle and have a really cool hat on your hands... literally! Wonder if the kids and Hubs being home today weren't helping in that one... Anyway, do you have projects that you love, but almost hurt you to finish?

right before the too much brown crying begins...

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