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Feb 17, 2012

Hardly Deep Thoughts

I made a monster. She is not wearing any underpants. (It's funny. You can laugh.) Her name is Commando Kate. She's not in the shop yet, (now she is... here) as I have some stuff to finish. Also the glue takes HOURS to dry.

Commando Kate Monster Sculpture by Knot By Gran'ma
commando kate monster sculpture

I hate when my kids get sick... even if it makes the house all quiet all day. I still hate it.

My time management skills need a looking at.

These cookies ARE THE BOMB. I made 3 batches this week alone... Thanks Valentine's Day and Hub's birthday.

This hat is priority number one this weekend.

what it is
crocheted aviator hat by Knot By Gran'ma
what it will be

I am working getting into a headstand and slowly lowering into chaturanga. Also side crow on my left side.

My dog is cute.

Adorable pug, Agamemnon, sleeping
agamemnon being cute
I get to make toenails for these legs (they won't be in a spiral like that when they're done) and monster eyeballs. This monster is going to have CRAZY monster eyeballs. Just you wait.

monster legs in progress
soon to be monster legs

Monster eyeballs may just be my favorite thing to make.


It's Friday, and I have decided that my hiatus from WISDOM BEGINS IN WONDER is over. Get your butt over over there, and visit all of the other awesome fibery goodness. Speaking of Fiber Arts Friday... last week, while browsing everyone's posts, I found a book to buy and a new pattern to try out. BOTH knitting!

The Knitter's Life List: To Do, To Know, To Explore, To Make

Drop Stitch Scarf (picture by frazzledknitter  Flickr)
Friday Blog Lovin'.

Please leave a comment here and then your Friday blog post addresses. I love reading blogs over the weekend. Send your pals over for some Knot By Gran'ma Friday Blog Lovin'.


  1. LOL at commando Kate! I used to have a doll studio and I swear everyone that came in lifted up the dresses to see what was underneath. Must admit...sometimes I just had to mess with their undergarments.....shocking.

    1. Oh my goodness! That's hilarious. People really would lift the dresses? Too funny!

  2. I LOVE your sculpture. Her behind in the mirror is hilarious.

    1. Thank you. She makes me smile every time I look at her!

  3. Love the name, and the lack of knickers! She looks great.

    1. Thank you so much. She was fun to work on.

  4. This did make me laugh!! She is so cute and funny!

  5. Commando Kate looks embarrassed. She's a lady afterall. Love your Agamemnon, my black pug Bucky passed away right about a year ago.

    1. She does have an expression of embarrassment! Our Aggie is our last "baby". Sorry to hear about your pug loss... so sad to lose a pet.


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