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May 14, 2012

Spring Stalled

I've been working on butts the past few days... and generally had quasi-butt-yuck feeling... I think it's more of being overwhelmed and fatigued. I also have a show coming up that I'm a bit behind (and stressing over) in my preparations.

pug butt keychain by knot by gran'ma

I took a few days off from the internets over the weekend to try to fix this stuck, blah feeling. There was some lurking and reading, but not really much posting for KBG and... eh. I just needed to get outside and get my hands into the dirt. That's just what we (the whole family) did.

front of the house garden work in progress
front of the house garden work in progress
I'm getting there. There's a few bare spots and lots of planters to fill with dirt and flowers. The entire dirt strip in the back needs to be dug out and replaced with actual dirt (right now it's gross cat poop dirt and ewww...). I'm hoping the sweet potato vines will grow nicely up their trellises and create some sort of sun blockage on my front windows (they're facing West).

dr. destructo stress inducing three year old
cute for the moment
Here's my main stress these days. He's such a strong willed, smart child. We're having issues dealing with his tantrums and whatnot. Apparently he's very sensitive to changes in what he perceives to be his schedule... fun. I'm sure it will pass and he'll turn into a very confident young lad, but for now... we're managing moment by moment. At least in the garden, he can run and hop and skip and jump. He's a constant ball of energy and requires non-stop three year old activities... this is proving to be draining, physically and mentally. BUT this is what I signed up for when we were fortunate enough to allow me to stay home with my kids in the first place, so I'm trying to savor the non-tantrum moments.

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