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May 7, 2012

Lightning Strikes with Shops Galore

Well... two. For me, that is shops galore. As of tomorrow around 6 pm you will be able to find Knot By Gran'ma items in 2 shops in Kingston (NY). I'll be off to The Art Riot... This little guy and a bunch of his friends in tow.

Monsters Under Glass by Knot By Gran'ma
monsters under glass
In the meantime, back to my pattern designing. Be sure to be on the lookout for a new baby hat pattern, and some free lightning bolt patterns at the end of the week. Here's a picture of the design process... trying to figure out lightning bolt size was an interesting feat yesterday. I think I got it. The free pattern will have different sizes and gauges for you to play with for your lightning bolt adventures. 

lightning bolt pattern design process...
the bolt on the left is too big for this particular hat (D hook/3.25 mm) so i redid it with a US1/2.35mm hook... much better

When designing patterns (for those of you who do), do you have a process of trial and error, find frustration, yell, laugh, cry? Want to share?


  1. Congrats on the shops! I hope they sell your stuff like crazy and ask for lots more.

  2. Those monsters under glass are so awesome!

    1. Oh thank you! The little ones I had are now happily in their new shop front, BUT I just found a bunch of old baby food jars stashed away to make more! :)

  3. The monsters under glass are very cute! And I once knew a guy name Lightening Joe! lol Love your creations...everyone will be thrilled to have your creations in stores! Wish I was there to shop!


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