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Sep 28, 2012

Change in the Air

I am a Fall chick. I love it. The coziness without freezing your butt off, the gardening being almost flippin' through, the chaos of a new school year... stuff like that floats my boat (and as I always say, "whatever floats your boat..."). It's also the time I'm not overheating when I work with yarn, and get to drink my peppermint tea in comfort again.

popcorn harvested in the greenhouse
popcorn harvested in the greenhouse
I'm just finishing up in the garden. I harvested my popcorn yesterday, as this weekend's rain threatened it to become too wet and rot. So into the greenhouse it went until I can get to it hopefully on Monday.

In the meantime, I have yet another busy weekend of Kiddo's baseball game and hopefully the weather will let us get to the Garlic Festival... I hope to fit this in between running from here to there.

no pugs were harmed in the taking of this picture

Have a good weekend!

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