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Mar 27, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday: Knit Swatch

I have 2 items that I wanted finished this week. TWO. They are all weeks behind and I really wanted to have started my Zombie Pants Doll by now. TWO items. Both of them are started. I just want to finish them and have them be done. Then I can share the awesome with you all. Tiger Mask Crochet Pattern and Lady Monster Doll.

handspun yarn skein rolled into a ball
This took forever to roll into a ball

Then my reality kicked in, and I lost my mojo to do anything... which is code for depression with some horrible mood swings thrown in for good measure. To combat the turmoil, I've immersed myself into taking care of the fine arts and craft fair that I'm organizing and rolling this skein into a ball. I also have the urge to finish the swatch for this T Shirt Sweater. I don't have a yarn swift (WHY?), so I wrapped the skein around my bent knees while sitting on the floor. Abdominal screams commenced, and I had to take a million breaks. This is 400 yards, and I still have another to ball up.

knitting swatch in stockinette stitch by Knot By Gran'ma
Knitting swatch in stockinette (I had to look up the st st abbreviation.)

This is the same thing as finishing the TWO things on my list for the week... which is already compromised due to spring break, right? I just can't get my brain to concentrate on them. It must be a sign that I'm not meant to have them done yet. Yeah. That's it. A sign.

I guess it's better than doing nothing, which is what I did for the past 5 days. It's soothing counting to 18 over and over... well the swatch is for 24 rows, so I guess I'll finish it up today. Question of the day is do I wash the swatch before I measure it? I don't swatch things often, as I don't make clothing ever. After I get a few more rows of this swatch, I'm going into the greenhouse to plant some seeds. The sunshine should be wonderful.


  1. Wash that swatch! I've read that if it's going to be an item like a sweater, you should wash it and then hang it up with some weight on it (like a clothespin) in order to simulate you wearing it and the weight of the yarn pulling it, but I can't remember if you do that once the swatch is dry or while it's still wet. Best of luck, my friend.

  2. Beautiful coloured fiber! Have fun in the sunshine!



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