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Mar 22, 2013

The End of the Week Should Mean Something

It's the end of the week here. This doesn't really mean much except I won't have to deal with Kiddo catching the school bus for 2 days. I'm home every day, so Saturdays and Sundays don't mean much to me. The work load is usually the same. The kids wake up at the same time. I still do the same things I do everyday... with Hubs home from work (at the very least on Sunday). I's not very exciting/relaxing, and I kind of dread the weekend.

Work in progress doll by Knot By Gran'ma
Work in progress lady doll... put me away on Friday at "quitting time", even though I really want to finish her.

I should probably not be "working". There's no winding down over the weekend, and I am tired. I am bored when I'm home and less and less is getting done. An away from home studio would be sweet at this point, but I'm just not there yet. Dr. Destructo is only 4, and that sort of thing costs money. It would get me out of the house to do other things aside from shopping for the house, and then maybe I'd understand the "yay it's Friday" internet posting everywhere.

For some piece of mind, and so I can be at my best (which I'm not doing right now), I have to find ways to change this. (I feel like all I've been talking about lately is changing. I'm exhausted.)

No work on the weekends.
No computer time on the weekends unless it's for mindless drivel.
If I have to do something, make it something for me.

t-shirt sweater project maybe
T-Shirt sweater project

I'm kind of thinking I want to start this sweater. I have the yarn for it and it's been posted as relatively easy (see the red arrow?). I'm a little afraid, as I've messed up and not finished the 2 knitting projects I have started. Eh. I think it could be distracting enough to settle my brain down for a great week.

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