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Apr 9, 2013

Drowning in Clutter Workspace

I recently read an article on working from home, and how it can be more of a "challenge" for folks dealing with bipolar disorder. Yes. Yes. Yes. It also struck me as how it can be a challenge for peopled not dealing with bipolar disorder, like let's say as a stay at home mom (SAHM). Working from home is wonderful and really, really, really hard all at the same time. The first point of the article jumped out at me (maybe because I've been trying to do this for so long) and makes quite a lot of sense. You need a WORKspace.

I have two places to work. One is in my basement (giant, over-glorified, walk in closet... perfect in theory), filled with yarn and clutter and mess. I have a hard time hanging out in there "working" for more than a few minutes at a time. The walls were built with faux wood panel sheetrock. I'm not even kidding. It's like the 70's threw up all over the entire basement come to think of it. I'm not interested in working in or on improving that space (yet). I also can't see the kids or hear anything. I tend to pop in to print papers, and get yarn into my basket for the day, and the leave.

Looking for a solution to the woes of working at home.
Looking for a solution to the woes of working at home.

The main space, where I do most of my work, is my kitchen table. I know it's not separate but I don't eat at this part of the table ever. Technically only my father in law eats in this spot when they (my in-laws) come over for dinner. I can watch and interact with Dr. Destructo here, and there's tons and tons of natural light. I know this isn't ideal, but for now it'll have to do. My official gripe is the clutter (my fault) and the view of my kitchen clutter (also my fault). Also I hate my kitchen, so staring at it all day makes me a little... well, let's just say it's something I've been known to fixate on (if anyone knows how to paint over plastic-y laminate crap cabinets... hit me up). I am working on a sweet Pinterest board for it though. That should solve everything. Yes.

Anyway, I feel like I'm living in some sort of domestic/work from home butterfly effect. I want to fix the clutter feel for the workspace, but first need to fix the domestic junk pile of my kitchen. This possibly could include re-organizing spaces to be used better and more efficiently. Then my brain blows up. This is where I hit walls. This is where my "up" can possibly turn to "down" and then nothing work related (or domestic bliss related) gets done for the day.

Here's some artsy/craft workspace inspiration. I'd like to incorporate some of the ideas into my dream work space... and then figure out how to incorporate a bunny cage. Let's face it, a bunny cage/work desk would be pretty awesome. So what do you think? You know about the clutter also... not just the bunny desk idea.


  1. Okay, we have a lot in common! We crochet, have clutter, and need to work/craft while keeping an eye on little ones. My new-ish craft workspace is working great for me! It's in my bedroom which is next to the kitchen. Actually here's a post all about it . Good luck with your clutter situation. It's a never-ending process to keep it under control!

  2. Yes. Keeping the clutter at bay seems like the job that has no light at the end of the tunnel. We'll get there. Thanks for sharing your link!


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