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Jan 14, 2011

The Humor That Was This Week...

This week's been pretty... well funny.  This has been a really nice surprise, as the holidays had been stressful.

I like to think that my dolls are a little bit humorous... along with cool, just in their styling.  (I hope at least!).  I've started another art doll.  It all started out with a sketch, and now I have managed a mouth and some lips.  I'm pretty excited for this doll.  She's tentatively called Tentacle Ballet Monster.  That may or may not change later on.

Tentacle Ballet Monster Skeych
Tentacle Ballet Monster Mouth

I'll be updating this to Ravelry as I go.  She's gonna be the first in the new art doll direction that I had an epiphany about earlier today.  I can't decide if it's the garter or the tutu that makes me laugh on this one.  Can't wait to see her come alive.

WIP Monster Doll for Kids
I also started this little lady.  She's going to be the second doll in my dolls for kids line.  Check out how deliciously pretty that yarn is.  I really love me some Cascade 220. Gorgeous.  She might even be finished today... it all depends on Dr. Destructo Toddler's mood.

The other news has been the continuation of cat butt listings up on Etsy... this time in keychain form.  Funny enough on it's own, but even better when your Twitter followers tell you how awesomely random your tweets are and it's a good thing they know what you're talking about...  But it got better.  There was a request (several actually) from pug owners, that they too needed keychains of butts... just pug butts instead. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  So I made one up and am working on more.  I give you the pug butt keychain:

Pug Butt Keychain
More colors are in the works.  What a funny, funny, week this has been.  I swear... hope it continues and spreads to you all!

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