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Apr 13, 2012

Garden Gnomes or Clever Monster?

This isn't a gnome. It's a monster. Hans Oolaf, a manly man's monster. I was wondering why he was here when there was no veggies to plunder. Apparently he was just scoping out the potential.

hans oolaf monster in the garden
hans oolaf monster in the garden... not a gnome.

I planted some veggies the other day in the garden. It's still nice and chilly, so these should do well. I hope, I hope, I hope. I'm always nervous until the sprouts grow big and strong... or sometimes don't. Gah. There was a little over-watering (dumping) by my helper Dr. Destructo... so we may have a bare spot in that area. Oh well. He had fun and I think that's what should matter.

garden seeds in the dirt
garden seeds in the dirt
Back to Hans... Hand Oolaf is a fan of beer steins and other manly activities - such as hunting, fishing, log chopping, and so on. Collectibles such as he are rare and always interesting.

Hans Oolaf Monster Soft Sculpture Crocheted OOAK Collectible Art Doll
hans oolaf monster
Hans Oolaf monster is crocheted out of 3 kinds of wool, one being used to make carpets. He's also had some Fun Fur work thrown in for his hair... kind of like Hair Club for Monsters (Ahahahahaha!) Anyway, his eyes are crocheted out of crochet cotton and securely sewn onto his monster body. His fangs are painted canvas and glued on.

popcorn beadspread squares in brown
popcorn bedspread squares

I made a tiny amount of progress on my bedspread endeavor. One skein of Wool of the Andes makes a large square (stopping after the second to last round) and one partial square (stopping after the 3rd round). It should be a really cool effect on a classic design to have the 2 square sizes. I have 23 more skeins to go through... plus will have to buy more for the border. Click to the caption to follow the progress on that over in Ravelry land.

So it's Fiber Art Friday. Pop on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see the rest of the fiber goodies!


  1. I'm holding off planing my garden until May 1st. With any luck I won't loose plants to frost this year. Love your little garden watcher.

    1. These are just the cold weather ones. We scored when we found a small greenhouse on sale last year, so all the warm weather stuff is started it there. Fingers crossed for an insane garden this year. I have lots of canning/dehydrating plans!

  2. Hans Ooolaf is awesome! I love the pic of him in the garden ... rawr!

  3. I love the name of your little monster.

    I'm itching to get a garden going too. It will happen soon enough.

  4. You make so many awesome monsters, but I think Hans may be my favorite. ;-)

    I have big hopes for a big garden this year too. :-)

  5. I love your monsters, they have so much personality.

    I love gardening, but aside from a few rows of hardy plants, haven't planted much else. Yesterday it was warm; over 70 F. Later today, I'll be looking at the weather forecast to see when I'll start planting other items. I've been apprehensive, since it's hovered around 35 F, on some nights.

    Thanks for stopping by my site.

  6. Jess-I love reading the 'back stories' about your monsters!! You should write a children's book featuring these creatures (with photographs)!! XXO-

    1. Oh thank you. I have thought about it. I need to make up a few special guys for that. Dr. Destructo goes to preschool next year, so I'll have some more time for the extras.


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