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Jun 17, 2013

How an Owl is Pushing the Draw of the Ocean

I finally have my latest owl up and available. He's been stalled by craft shows and then stinky weather for photography.These things happen when you're not set up with a professional lightbox... or even a cheap lightbox. I know. Get one. It's on my list. I promise. He's pretty cute.

Crochet Owl Monster Doll by Knot By Gran'ma
Colors to the sea

I think the blues/teals with the warm reds/yellows is my most favorite of all time color combination. It reminds me of the ocean with flames running into it. Which... typed out seems a little odd, but that's what I picture every time. Maybe like in Hawaii where the volcanoes meet the sea.

Sea theme motifs work in progress by Knot By Gran'ma
A little sea flower?
With that out of the way, I spent my weekend (running like a mad fool) coming up with a crochet pattern motif set. I'm still working out the bugs on the second motif and think there needs to be at least 2 more motifs thrown in. At first I was thinking along the lines of floral, but after the last fix, I'm headed back to the ocean. Apparently I need to a salt water fix soon. The draw of the waves are weighing heavy on my mind.

Base motif in the crochet pattern set by Knot By Gran'ma
Base motif

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